The Monday After

It was a big attendance weekend in MLS capped by more than 36k in Seattle and record setting 20k plus in Salt Lake City.  Philly brought more than 18k to PPK Park (significantly out drawing the USMNT match from earlier in the week), and the Revs rode a host of promotions and group sales to finish  out their home campaign with more than 18k.  The Galaxy posted a 27k sellout and the rest of the teams drew well enough to bring a total of more than 180k fans to MLS stadiums in week 29.  It was a great weekend for MLS at the gate and fans saw some compelling matchups.  The true sign of the league’s ability to capture fans (and prove that fans care about results rather than promotions), will be playoff attendance.  RSL and Seattle are likely locks for big playoff crowds, but we will closely watch the other teams to see if they can attract big numbers in the post-season.

Some other quick notes from the weekend.  Because this site is focused on the business of American Soccer, we have stayed away from the drama unfolding at Liverpool over the last few weeks. However, there is enough of a US connection that we thought it worth providing a link to this article discussing John Henry’s first trip to see his new team after acquring ownership this week.  While there may be more court battles to come, it is fairly remarkable that we have reached a stage in soccer when two American ownership groups are fighting over the rights to Liverpool.  Finally, we wrote last week about the efforts of TFC fans to get their voices heard by ownership.  Here is MLSE’s response.  Perhaps most interesting, are the comments under the letter.