Soccer Business Bits: Fans React, Middle America & More

I apologize for the lack of posts yesterday, some sickness is creeping through the office and I’ve been hit dead on by the bug.  Still trying to fight it off, but here are some business thoughts for the weekend.  We will start in Seattle and Toronto where the fans of both MLS clubs have made their feelings about their respective front offices known.  In Seattle, Sounders fans are upset about the scheduling of a friendly in the heat of the playoff chase.  In Toronto, long suffering TFC supporters are unhappy with price increases for the struggling franchises. A number of outlets have covered these stories, but the responses of the front offices are instructive and impressive. To read about the issues and get a sense of fan reaction, click here.

In other business news, the Mayor of Omaha announced his desire to bring an MLS team to Omaha, NE.  Absent an ownership group, soccer specific stadium and a recognized fan base, the possibility seems remote, but it is always interesting to see politicians angling for a franchise.  The pitch includes an existing stadium that is not an SSS.  This recalls an effort a few years back to bring a team to Tulsa and Oklahoma City, metro areas fairly similarly sized to Omaha.

Finally, this weekend represents the final home match of the season for a number of MLS teams.  Is your local franchise doing something special for fans and season ticket holders?  Giveaways, autographs, nothing?   Drop us a line in the comment section or at to let us know.


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  1. Caught that same bug couple weeks ago, floored our whole office.

    TFC fans right now are rightfully upset about how the season ticket holders are being fleeced. I know I would be if I was a supporter.

    As a Sounders STH, I had no problem with this year’s 3rd friendly due to 2 things that was done by the SSFC front office and coaches.

    1) Adrian Hanauer scheduled a big name club. This allowed it to be easier for STH’s to sell their tickets if they chose not to attend.

    2) Sigi elected to play his reserve squad. This allowed the team to keep the reserves game ready (along with the upcoming CCL match with Saprissa), and allows the starters to stay fresh for the remaining MLS matches and the playoffs.

    Sigi also used Montero and Nyassi as late subs, to have them get some supporters love for the US Open Cup and clinching a playoff spot.

  2. it’s all about soccer

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