Broadcast Blogging: US v Colombia

We haven’t broadcast blogged since the MLS All-Star game, so here is our take on the ESPN broadcast of the USA/Colombia broadcast.  Fortunately for soccer fans, the lead in for the match was SportsCenter, so the telecast started on time.  PPL Park looked empty during the intro and Healy/Harkes was something of a surprise choice. Julie Foudy was the sideline reporter for the match.  After some quick on site work from the booth team, Max Bretos took over with Alexi Lalas and Juan Pablo Angel.  Angel was a nice addition to the studio team and his inclusion shows some nice foresight by ESPN in preparing for the match.

The initial around of pregame advertisers included Gatorade, Travelers, Wendys, Castrol, Nike, VW, RentaCenter, Progressive and some local spots.  The broadcast returned to the studio with some excerpts from the excellent ESPN documentary “The Two Escobars”.  Having Harkes, Lalas and Angel in the studio and booth to discuss the incident was especially poignant., VW, Progressive and local spots made up the next set of ads.

Typical advertisers including Bud, AT&T, Pepsi, Gatorade, Visa, Jose Cuervo and US Socce were among the sign board advertisers.     Gatorade was the first on screen spot in corner, followed by Dick’s.  ESPN started pumping its EPL coverage in the 23 minute. MLS got its first promo in the 31st minute.

The halftime show started with the studio show and not a series of ads..  Wendys, Gatorade, Allstate and local spots made up the first round of ads. The second segment of the the halftime show provided a nice look at MLS and the playoffs.  It was interesting to see Angel criticize the MLS playoff format and Lalas promote the Supporters Shield.  The third round of spots included Heineken and  The third segment included an interesting statement from Angel about his future in New York.  RAC, Wendy’s, Gatorade, Travelers and local spots rounded out the ads.