SUM’s Advertising: Making Money on US Soccer

A while back we interviewed Chris Schlosser, then the Director of Digital Strategy for SUM, about SUM’s online advertising network.  During that interview, Schlosser said the following:  “There are lots of other ad networks out there but I can guarantee you that none of them have more experience or more focus on selling soccer. In addition to driving revenue we are working with a number of our partners on content sharing and joint marketing to grow the collective soccer audience. From a fans perspective the SUM Digital Network should over time provide significantly better content and features, as revenue grows it is our hope that this will enable our member sites to invest more money in content and features which will increase traffic and continue to drive value for both fans and the commercial community.”

In a recent article, the Sports Business Journal reported on the success of that network.  According to SBJ, the network reached 6 million viewers this year and that revenue has reached 7 figures, with the figure doubling this year.  SBJ also reported on some problems with the network, including limited ad variety and problems with its accounting system.  Nevertheless, the significant revenue generated by the network puts money in the pocket of SUM, the driving force behind American soccer. For our entire interview with Chris Schlosser, click here.  For the SBJ article, click here.

From a marketer’s perspective, the network offers one stop shopping for companies like VW and Castrol to put their message in front of American soccer fans.  Soccer fans have long been a target demographic of marketers because the typical American soccer fan is young and affluent.  SUM is uniquely positioned to connect these companies with fans of the beautiful game in the United States.

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