The Monday After

Another big weekend in Major League Soccer with the ESPN game of the week capping off the proceedings.  While attendance was disappointing (for the much hyped SuperClassico), the match presented a rare opportunity to see 3 US National Team members from the 2010 World Cup Team and David Beckham in a prime time special.  Although matched against the NFL ratings juggernaut, the Sunday night match up could prove an interesting ratings test case for the league.

Perhaps the biggest attendance surprise of the weekend was the 18k plus at Gillette Stadium to see the Revs and RSL.  A combination of a promotional efforts directed to local high school teams and a breast cancer awareness event, led to the biggest stand alone crowd for the Revs this season.  However, the biggest business news out of New England was the report in multiple sources that the Revs’ ownership has decided to change course on its pursuit of a designated player.  The Revs had previously limited their DP search to players that would move the needle in the stands.  With the limited budget restraints placed on that search, there appeared little chance that the Revs would actually sign such a “big name” player.  However, the Revs appear to have now changed their requirements and are more focused on success on the field.

One final attendance note.  An impressive crowd of over 24k at Red Bull Arena.  While many of those numbers can be attributed to fans with “use them or lose” tickets, it will be intersting to see if the team can continue generating big numbers during playoffs.