Expansion Update

As we do every so often, we thought we would take a quick look at the status of Major League Soccer’s incoming soccer teams.  Both Vancouver and Portland have been make positive noises over the last few weeks with player rumors, stadium news and more.  Here is our look at both teams.

We’ll start in Portland, where the Timbers have announced that 15 different sections of season tickets have been sold out for 2011. In addition, all but one of the available suites are sold with mult-year deals.  There are 23 such suites at the renovated PGE Park. Season tickets for the Timbers start at $15 per game.  The Timbers had previously announced (about six weeks ago), that 10 season ticket sections were sold.    For more discussion on the ticket sales, check out MLS Rumors‘ take on the situation.  In Portland, the minor league baseball season has come to a close and it is now time for the second phase of the PGE Park renovation to move forward (PGE”s naming rights deal is up, so the name of the stadium may change before the season begins in 2011).   For a great guide to the renovations, click here.  Much of the next phase will involve the removal of baseball fences and polls along with the demolition of certain structural elements.

There has been less news out of Vancouver, although all reports are that season ticket sales are strong.  Some reports suggest that more than 14k season tickets have sold for 2011.   In stadium news, the renovations at BC Place are not going as quickly as planned.  As of now, the planned opening date of the newly renovated stadium is June 1, 2011.  However, recent quotes from those involved suggest that the Whitecaps make use of their temporary quarters for a significant portion of next season.