Soccer Business Bits: Wizards Charity, Henry and Eyeballs &

Some quick hits from around the league.  In Kansas City, the Wizards will participate in a “Bald is Beautiful” event at Mercy Children’s Hospital in Kansas City.  Four Wizards will get their heads shaved by cancer patients at the hospital and the Wizards will provide game tickets to a number of youth patients at the hospital.  The event is part of the ongoing relationship between the Curing Cancer Fund and the Wizards.

Elsewhere, Steve Goff is reporting on some statements of outrage by agent Ron Waxman.  Although Waxman speaks in great hyperbole about the fine levied against Thierry Henry for the incident with Kevin Hartman, his points about the upcoming Galaxy/Red Bulls match-up warrants discussion.  Waxman alleges that the league was mindful of the ESPN2 broadcast when electing not to suspend Henry for his post whistle contact with the Dallas goalie. While the argument has a certain appeal, there is little likelihood that the 11:00 p.m. kickoff on the east coast will draw additional eyeballas because of Henry’s presence.  As much as MLS would like to think its stars drive tv viewership, there hasn’t been  much indication that Henry has significantly increased viewers.  While the point merits consideration (and who could blame MLS), it seems that Waxman is reaching.

Finally, in looking at the remaining national television schedule, it is notable that 3 consecutive ESPN2 games involve Donovan, Beckham and the LA Galaxy.  With Becks returning, ESPN has the ability to market the star laden team to mainstream audiences that know Beckham’s name and remember Donovan from the World Cup. It will be interesting to see what efforts ESPN will make to promote the games.


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  1. and in the end, Henry is going to miss the game anyway due to a strained knee.

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