Covering the Coverage

Some interesting tidbits from around American soccer today.  We’ll start with the Wall Street Journal, which has declared the Red Bulls “relevant” in a wide ranging piece about the status of the Red Bulls.  The article contains some interesting business tidbits about the team including its MSG tv rating (.11), and its plans to produce its own broadcasts next year and sell the product to a major outlet.  The Red Bulls are eying the possibility of keeping production in-house while retaining ad revenues.  The article also notes that Red Bulls jerseys are currently the second best sellers in the league (after Seattle) and that the team saw a 15% increase in jersey sales after the switch to the Red Bull brand.

Steve Goff offers some words on United’s continuing efforts to locate a stadium.  Perhaps the most interesting  piece of news in the article is the note that DC exploring two sites within the District and is continuing its flirtation with Baltimore.  Goff details the Club’s efforts to look at a site in Rockville, MD.

Finally, the Toronto Sun takes TFC’s owners to task for putting profit over on-field success.  The article takes a look at the revenue success of the Toronto Raports and Maple Leafs to support the theory that dollars are more important than wins.