Soccer Business Bits: Wizards Announce Stadium Operator, Commish Departs & More

The Kansas City Wizards have announced that Philadelphia based Global Spectrum will operate their new home.  The firm currently operates more than 90 venues, including stadiums in the MLB and NFL.  In addition to running soccer stadium operations, the firm will also be responsible for booking non-soccer events and handling marketing operations.  Global Spectrum bills itself as the fastest growing firm in the “in the public assembly facility management field.”

In WPS news, Tonya Antonucci, the only commissioner in WPS history, will step down at the end of this month.  After six years as the leader of the league (including 4 years of planning), Antonucci leaves behind a mixed legacy.  The WPS is up and running, with a new stadium in Atlanta and expansion teams on the way.  Season ticket sales are up in year two and the league has a national tv deal with FSC.  On the down side, the league has lost more money than expected, been forced to down size its staff and has already lost two franchises

Finally, in one of many cross promotional efforts run by MLS franchises, the San Jose Earthquakes recently ran a “Sharks Night” at Buck Shaw.  The event was run in conjunction with San Jose Sharks of the NHL.