Looking around the Web

Last day of short week, so we thought we take the opportunity to scan the web for some interesting writings on the business of American soccer.  We’ll start at MatchFit, where Jason Davis takes a look at the start of the NFL season and its impact on soccer viewing and MLS.  Will soccer fans be caught up in the massive machine that is professional football, or will the marquee match up of Seattle and RSL keep their interest?  For better or worse, soccer is a great “commercial filler”.  During the frequent stoppages of play, soccer cans catch a few minutes of a soccer match.

Steve Davis of DailySoccerFix offers a lengthy analysis of youth soccer in America.  MLS is certainly make strides in this area, but it is interesting to wonder whether American parents have the stomach to send their kids off to residency programs at a fairly early age.  Local clubs have also advanced, by using more time honored and innovative training techniques.

Finally, the Washington City Paper reports on DC United’s increasing irrelevance.