MLS Salary Figures Released

We are on the road tonight, so we thought we would quickly touch on the recently released mid-summer salary numbers. The  salary list offers insight into the status of MLS earnings.  Highlights include the new DP salaries, including $300k for the Sounder’s Fernandez and around $500k for N’Kufo and Boscovic.  These deals represent the new breed of “low level” DPs making more than the rest of the roster, but well below the millions earned by Henry, Donovan and Ljunberg.

Totaling the numbers also reveals the remarkable salary discrepancy between teams like New York and Los Angeles (approximately $25 million combined) which is about as much as the 10 lowest teams combined.  Chicago, Seattle and Toronto are the only other teams above $3 million.   Chivas USA is the only team below $2.5 million.

Given the vagaries of MLS finances, it is difficult to fully appreciate the implications of the salary numbers.  Allocations, transfer fees and other monies are hidden from view and thus it is difficult to determine how much teams are actually paying out of funds other than the tyipcal salary pool.

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