Gillette Stadium: Some Business Thoughts

A couple of weeks back, we wrote about our trip to PPL Park.  Today, we thought we would give some thoughts on our weekend trip to Gillette Stadium for the Revs/Dynamo match. Built primarily for football, Gillette is a massive stadium surrounded by Robert Kraft’s recently constructed Patriot Place shopping center, parking lots and Route 1.  Acces to the stadium for typically MLS matches is fairly simple and we breezed into the stadium a few minutes before the game.  Ample free parking in the stadium lots is a nice feature and we parked about 30 yards from the stadium entrance despite our late arrival (certain lots are set aside for special pass holders, but a few minutes before the game, the staff manning the lots leaves their station).

The ususal MLS sponsors ring the stadium and there are no electronic message boards at field side.  The Revs only open about 2.5 quarters of the stadium and most of the upper two levels.  However, one of their big marketing campaigns this season is the opening of certain seats on the “other” side in 2011.  The team was actively hawking those seats during the game.

Food choices are plentiful at the stadium as are bathrooms.  However, lines for concessions are typically long and an effort to get a half-time drink or eat could mean missing portions of the second half.  Exceptionally annoying are the “hawkers” that walk the aisles selling food during the game…often blocking views and ruining sightlines.   The half-time entertainment included the Rev Girls throwing shirts to the crowd and a soccer match between mascots of all of the Boston area sports teams.

Attendance for the game was about 11,500 on a beautiful night.  There were no football lines on the field and the overall atmosphere was quiet (it was a very boring game).   Overall, Gillette is a nice stadium, but the soccer experience is wanting. Access by car was great (we were out of the parking lot within minutes) and food choices plentiful.

We will continue this series of posts as we make our way to other stadiums around the league.  We welcome your thoughts on Gillette and the other stadiums in MLS.

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