The Monday After: New Show on FSC, Big Crowd in Pasedena & More

FSC announced that Kyle Martino will host a new show on the network called “Soccer Talk Live” .  The show will air on Monday evenings and will attempt to combine soccer talk with pop culture discussions.  Martino, who has worked as a color broadcaster for ESPN and the Philadelphia Union, is a former MLS midfielder.  As we discussed, last week Martino is a rising star in the soccer broadcast media, but this seems to be an ambitious project.  The show will replace Fox Football Fone-In in FSC’s Monday lineup.  According to USA Today, the show has been picked up for 42 one hour slots and will debut on August 16, 2010.

FSC unveiled Martino as an interviewer during the Real Madrid/Galaxy match where Martino asked questions of David Beckham.  The initial show will feature Landon Donovan and Elizabeth Shue.  FSC is typically one of the lowest rated cable television networks (among those rated by Nielsen), and it is hard to see how this show will move the needle unless FSC makes a concerted effort to advertise the program on its parent network and other affiliated channels.

At the gate, the Rose Bowl match was certainly a success with almost 90k in the stadium.  Foreign powers continue to have tremendous drawing power in the United States, with solid crowds also in Detroit and Dallas last week.  Speaking of Detroit, the big news from the Motor City at the end of last week was an apparent proposal by the new owners of the Pontiax Silverdome, to bring an MLS franchise to the stadium.  At first glance, it seems prohibitively expensive to refit such an old facility rather than to knock it down and rebuild. However, a team in Detroit would be a boon to the league and would tap a strong tv market.  We will continue to monitor the effort in Detroit.

Speaking of the gate, great crowd in Chicago, but perhaps Sunday afternoons are not ideal for Dallas.