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As we do every so often, we thought we would take a look around MLS for ticket promotions offered for upcoming games.  As always, please feel free to send us promotions that we don’t mention.  In Colorado, the Rapids are promoting a “Lads Night Out” for their upcoming match against San Jose.  The package includes two tickets, two beers and two beanies for $49.00.  The game is the last league home game for the Rapids for three weeks.

In New England, the Revs are continuing their tradition of not offering single game promotions.  Instead, the Revs are pushing a four game mini plan that includes reduced price tickets to four games, a Revs long sleeve T-shirt for$68.  The Revs are also combining the deal with in stadium food vouchers.  The Revs are offering these deals simultaneously, yet it appears that they are somewhat in conflict. The Revs have avoided single game promotions this season and instead have focused on four and six game plans.

Finally, Chivas continues its single game promotional effort by offering a Family Pack for their August 14, 2010 match.  The package includes a ticket, hat and hot dog for $15 per person.

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  1. and that’s why the Revs continue to lose fans. buy a 4-pack of tickets, get a long sleeve shirt and get to watch a team that is pieced together. until the front office starts to take this team seriously, i fear that it will only get worse for the revs

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