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The  introduction of Thierry Henry drew plenty of media coverage both in the New York ara and nationally.  Articles in mainstream publications, interviews on local and national media outlets and discussion on ESPN and elsewhere.  The introduction was well managed by the Red Bulls, and other than a much maligned in studio interview with Good Day New York, Henry’s appearances were impressive and enjoyable.

Unfortunately, the FSC broadcast if Henry’s debut was decidedly unimpressive.  The booth team of Rogadino and Caliguri was below par (in contrast to the Bretos/Twellman pairing from ESPN2 the night before) and Caliguri was especially disappointing.  Stadium microphones were seemingly non-existent and picked up little of the Red Bull Arena crowd.  Replays were poorly managed, with the slow to develop Barclays graphic forcing viewers to miss live action. Cut away shots also cost viewers game action, with the FSC producers electing to show individual shots of players running rather than the ball.  FSC has experienced crews working these games, but the production showed little of that experienced.  So close to the World Cup, the poor quality of the broadcast was readily apparent.

In contrast, the ESPN broadcasts since the World Cup suggest that the World Wide Leader learned something about soccer telecasts from the month in South Africa.  Coverage has been smooth and the new pairing of Max Bretos and Taylor Twellman was solid. ESPN has definitely been heavy on the soccer in the weeks since the World Cup and they have made good use of their various booth teams.  Kyle Martino has become a rising star doing color for the games.

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  1. Agreed that the FSC broadcast was pretty week last night. Also I have found Kyle Martino a great fit in any game I’ve watched, his ability to recall his playing time with most the stars in the league is a different perspective that we don’t always get.

    Good stuff as always FootieB

  2. I was disappointed by the turnout in New York. The Friday match between Manchester City and Sporting Club de Portugal had at most 10K. It is a reminder that Premiership teams other than MUFC, Arsenal and Liverpool have a long way to go in building brand awareness in the US.

  3. Seeing as the actual World Cup game feed was NOT managed by ESPN, one would HOPE the WWL learned something about how to broadcast a soccer game….

  4. Thanks Juan, that was part of our point. While I don’t think that all aspects of the international feed would work for an MLS audience (slow motion shots of the coaches 10 times a game are probably not necessary), some of the post WC broadcasts have shown that ESPN has picked up some pointers from its time in SA.

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