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On the weekend of the World Cup final, MLS is also in full swing a complete slate of games.  Many of the teams are running promotions for the coming matches and we thought it worth taking a look at some of those efforts.  No team is more aggressive in its promotions than the Houston Dynamo, who are running a number of campaigns for their fans.  On their affiliated Amigo Free Kick page, the Dynamo are running a multitude of fan opportunities.  These include free tickets, free jerseys, game day experiences and more.  On the ticket front, the team is offering lower priced “McDonald’s Four Packs” that included 4 tickets and 4 McDonald’s meals for $54.95.

In New England, the Revs are pushing a four game mini plan that includes reduced price tickets to four games, a Revs long sleeve T-shirt for$68.  The Revs are also combining the deal with in stadium food vouchers.  The Revs are offering these deals simultaneously, yet it appears that they are somewhat in conflict. The Revs do not appear to be offering any single game promotions for the Galaxy’s sole trip to Foxboro this weekend.

Finally, United are promoting a college night for their Thursday night game against Seattle next week.  The promotion combines significantly discounted tickets ($15) with a Corona tailgate that includes foods, drinks and pregame concerts.  United appear to be one of the few teams promotion day of game promotions.  Most MLS teams are focusing on packages rather than game specific promotions.

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  1. The Crew are doing $1 12oz beers coupled with their normal Buck-a-Braut night this Wednesday 7/14, against the Kansas City Wizards. In an effort to get more people to come out to the mid week game. Hopefully it pays off.

  2. Thanks Blake…. I appreciate the info.

  3. Does anyone know if those DC United tailgates are fun. I’d assume a “Corona tailgate” would be somewhat legit, but are the beers free or one million dollars like in the game?

  4. Are there going to be limits placed on the $1 beers purchased? I like the spirit of getting more people to the weekday game, but I fear $1 beers will cause more people than usual to get stupid and create something ugly, a la the Cleveland Indians’ experience several years back.

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