The Tuesday After & Not Even Klose!

It was a busy weekend in Major League Soccer with strong attendance around the league.  Whether because of World Cup Fever, excitement over fireworks or something else, MLS stadiums saw good crowds throughout the weekend.  Average attendance was over 17,000 and there were impressive crowds in Dallas, Salt Lake City and Colorado.  Landon Donovan’s return to Los Angeles helped bring in a full house and the league average is diminshed somewhat by the 10k sellout in San Jose.

Elsewhere, the World Cup is motoring into its final week and despite the departure of the United States, coverage in the USA continues to be excellent.  The “Not Even Klose”  refers to a headline in the New York Post  after Germany’s dismantling of Maradona’s side.  It isn’t often that an American newspaper uses the last name of a foreign soccer player in a play on words, but the Post’s coverage is indicative of the treatment the World Cup continues to get in the USA.

Mainstream media provided extensive treatment of the quarterfinals and even our local paper, the Hartford Courant, devoted a full page on Sunday to the quarterfinals and more room on the Sports front page.  The games continue to be water cooler fodder and a steady stream of highlights continue to dot the evening news nationwide.  US ratings have been great (not quite Germany great, where the Germany quarterfinal match achieved a record 89% penetration), but record setting for all games, even those not involving the United States.