The Monday After & Some World Cup Ratings

The big soccer story of the weekend took place in South Africa, but with MLS back in action there were a number of story lines in domestic soccer that deserve mention.  Sunday afternoon saw the opening of the PPL park in Chester, PA and the park looked great on television.  ESPN did a nice job with the telecast using Glenn Davis and rising star Kyle Martino in the booth.  The announced sell out crowd (looked a little short on the screen) was in full voice and the field and views looked great.  It also appeared that the ESPN broadcast included some new national sponsors (including Wendy’s) which would be a good sign for the league.  ESPN’s limited plugging of the match during their World Cup broadcasts seemed a little short.  Attendance around MLS was fairly solid with good crowds seemingly everywhere except Houston.

The early US/Ghana ratings are in and the numbers were great for ABC.  The preliminary ratings suggest that just under 15 million people watched the match on ABC. These numbers represent an increase over the England/USA match and are the high water mark for the tournament.   From a ratings standpoint, this is likely the highest number until the final for the World Cup.  These numbers do not include viewers for Univision which could bring the total number up over 20 million.  Statistically, San Diego has continued to be the top market for the USA matches.