The Tipping Point: Covering the Coverage

With the massive amount of coverage generated by the National Team’s inspiring run through the World Cup, we thought we would take a look at how some of the mainstream media (non sports) outlets are covering the victory over Algeria.  The New York Times provided excellent coverage of the match with front page coverage of the game and this outstanding collection of American fan reactions at bars across the country.

The Donovan goal was the most popular story on and the paper devoted significant coverage to the American victory.  Even the USA Today “Oval Blog” posted on the White House reaction to the victory.  The US victory was the headline story on for most of the day on Wednesday and the trend continued with a lead story on the relationship between Landon Donovan and his ex-wife.

If you believe those who say that when you have Drudge you have the American people, soccer has arrived, as the American victory featured prominently on the site.  The New York Post got in on the Act with their usual clever headlines. featured the game with an outstanding article about the meaning of the event and just about every newsaper in the country featured the game prominently with many using staff writers rather than AP or Reuters.

We’ll close with with the New York Mets game where play-by-play man Gary Cohen (an admitted non-soccer fan) stated that it was one of the best sporting events he had ever seen.  The World Cup has certainly grabbed America’s attention.  The question remains whether this will simply be a World Cup fad or a trend towards acceptance of the beautiful game.