Soccer Business Bits: NY Times Signs a Deal, Graphing the Cup

The New York Times announced a deal with California based Match Analysis to provide real time, data and statistics from the 2010 World Cup.  While the timing of the deal seems strange, the arrangement will give the Tiems access to a continuous stream of match and player data.  Match Analysis assigns five analysts to each game and then creates a library of real time and stored information.  According to the official press release, Match Analysis has worked with all current MLS franchises and a number of national teams.

British website has produced an interesting graph looking at the economics of the World Cup.  The graph looks at the cost of stadium improvements and the investment of sponsors in the tournament.  Some notable numbers include the amount of investment of the different levels of corporate sponsors and partners and the $1.6 billion total sponsorship revenue generated by the tournament. The graph further indicates that the total cost of the Cup is $3.5 billion.

Finally, we recommend checking out this recent piece from Time Magazine on the television ratings at the World Cup.  The article looks at the impact of the World Cup’s recent popularity on MLS and soccer in the United States.

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