The Tipping Point? What Should MLS Do?

Over the last two weeks, ESPN has bludgeoned mainstream American sports fans with its outstanding coverage of the World Cup. This has included all platforms, including the game broadcasts, pre-game shows, Sportcenter, ESPN Radio, website and more.  Other national outlets such as Sports Illustrated and USA Today have also provided extensive coverage of the tournament.  Prominent and local newspapers have also featured the matches extensively and the games have also featured on local television and radio.

Soccer has definitely been elevated to the forefront of the American sporting landscape in June, 2010.  World Cup games are now water cooler fodder and sports fans of all stripes are displaying more than a passing interest in the beautiful game.  The question facing the teams of MLS, is how to capitalize on the current prominence of the sport.  Is this simply a passsing fancy (similar to the Olympic games), or will soccer have more staying power?

We’ll look at this question a number of times over the next few weeks, but we thought it worth starting with the players on the field.  Are there players that MLS can bring in that will attract the interest of either non-MLS soccer fans or fans who became intersted in the sport through the World Cup? Should these players be American or foreign?  Must they be goal scorers to attract attention?  What role will ESPN coverage play in the drawing power of a particular player?

Let us know your thoughts on this.  Either post below or send us an e-mail to  What can MLS do to use the World Cup as a springboard?