The Footiebusiness World Cup Survey

Footiebusiness Survey

The World Cup is just days away and we are extremely interested in how the tournament will play with the non-soccer loving American public.  To better understand that dynamic, we have created a survey for soccer fans and non-soccer fans alike to take before the games start.  We are looking to get a sense of how aware followers of mainstream sports are of the players, sponsors and others involved in the World Cup.

Attached is a survey seeking to gauge that level of knowledge. It will take most people less than 5 minutes to complete.   We are circulating the survey far and wide, but ask for the help of our readers to do the same.  Send this around to your non-soccer fans have them send it back to  We will tabulate the results and then circulate a post tourney survey to see how attidudes and knowledge have changed.

The last part of the survey “assigns” a team (other than the US) to be followed by the survey taker.  Have fun with this part, and assign teams to friends so they compete against each other or follow teams that will be of specific interest to them (for whatever reason).  Send us your thoughts on the survey either by e-mail or in the coomments section.  Also, take the survey yourself and send the answers to the address above.

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  1. Hey, I love your site and check it at least a few times a week. But your survey is too ‘old school’…next time make it web-based. I had to cut and paste the PDF text into an email, which isn’t brain surgery but some people might not know how to do. Just my $0.02.

  2. i’d like to second the above commenter. you cannot send people a PDF file and ask them to “circle” answers since on a static PDF you cannot do that. i think there might be PDF file versions that allow for this, which you should have used instead. or, like the commenter above said, it should simply be a link to a web based survey that would be quick, convenient and easy to fill out. i am sure there are web survey sites to do just that. it also might help actually generate that “team” to follow which in the PDF file is just an empty blank, and will always be since the thing is static.

  3. Good suggestions. Thank you. I will wok on this and try to an improved version.

  4. I thought the survey was a great idea, and the questions were well done. The format is old school, but as a fellow part-time blogger I understand why. Looking forward to results.

  5. Thank you so much for your article!

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