Monitoring the Mainstream Media

As we do on occasion, we thought it worth taking a look at mainstream media coverage of soccer in America.  Front and center this week is the excellent World Cup coverage in the most recent edition of Sports Illustrated.  It starts with Dempsey, Howard and Donovan on the cover and an excellent piece on Donovan written by Joe Posnaski.  There are individual scouting reports on each team and predictions for the group stages and knockout rounds.  England’s manager also rates a few pages from Grant Wahl.

SI’s preview will provide a handy companion for non-soccer fans interested in following a few matches from South Africa.  The previews provide just enough information to keep a casual fan interested and the entire edition puts the beautiful game front and center for one of the great bastion of mainstream sports fans.  Every four years the World Cup provides a great opportunity to generate interest in soccer in the United States.  SI’s preview edition is a great start.

Elsewhere,’s excellent coverage continues with regular previews and articles about the teams and players preparing for South Africa.   Similarly, the Washington Post has devoted significant resources (including the always excellent Steve Goff) to the World Cup.  USA Today has also provided regular previews of the various World Cup groups and promises to provide in depth coverage of the entire month.  The Sporting News continues its usual position on soccer, essentially ignoring all aspects of the sport.

Mainstream media coverage will likely be better than in 2010 then it has been before.  Most major outlets will cover the US team and there will probably be sports coverage of certain non-US matches in local media markets. Most papers will carry AP coverage of the games and evening newscasts will probably carry select highlights.  We will continue to keep watch on the media coverage.

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  1. What about MLS coverage? That is still atrocious. Once the World Cup is over, it is likely to go back as before. Sports Illustrated at least covers the World Cup, but outside of that never much. Yes, Sporting News is the worst.

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