Soccer Business Bits: Fox Soccer Ratings, Castrol Joins SUM & More

In an article addressing ratings for the MLB network, the Sports Business Journal reports that FSC is the lowest rated of the Nielsen rated sports channel.  From March 29 until April 25, FSC averaged less than 50k viewers in prime time.  MLSB Network was the second lowest, with just under 100k viewers in prime time.  However, given that much of FSC’s programming involves European soccer games that broadcast outside the 8-11 prime time window, the numbers are not surprising. The MLB rating includes occassional live broadcasts that included a Yankees-Red Sox game.   FSC’s three highest rated broadcasts in the same period were all over 215,000 viewers for specific European/EPL matches.

The Sports Business Journal is also reporting that FIFA sponsor Castrol has signed a two year deal with SUM that includes rights to the US and Mexian National Teams and MLS.  Castrol marketing will me directed to Hispanic fans and will include ads, appearances and other avenues.  MLS players will also be added to the Castrol Index.   This is a neat compartive device that includes players from some of the world’s biggeest leagues.

Finally, take a look at these ESPN World Cup promos.