Gambling On MLS: Part II

Yesterday we took a look at MLS gambling in Las Vegas.  Today, we will examine the opportunities to wager on Major League Soccer online.  Before we get into online gaming, it is important to note that there are serious issues with the legality of  gambling on the internet.  There are plenty of web resources that address this issue and we certainly recommend that you review that content and fully understand  the legal ramifications of online gaming depending on you country of residence and other factors.

With that said, opportunties to wager on MLS abound on the internet.   Many of the popular online sportsbooks offer lines for MLS and plenty of other soccer wagers.  The lines for MLS appear to fluctuate somewhat from site to site, but are generally consistent across the web.  It is difficult to say how much “action” the games get, and there are sites that don’t offer MLS wagering at all.  We sent inquiries to sites that didn’t offer games to determine whether they would ofer MLS betting and they quickly promised to offer such betting.   However, we question whether there is signifcant interest in gambling on MLS because most bettors don’t feel qualified to make such bets.

As we said yesterday, the lack of betting seems like a small thing, but gambling presents an important opportunity to bring eyeballs to the League.   MLS may not want to admit it, but gambing interest generates excitement and interest in sporting events.  It is our understanding that it is almost impossible to gamble online because of the restrictions on funding accounts.

We welcome your thoughts on online gambling on MLS.  Is there a market for MLS wagering?  Is there opportunity?

Please let us know your thoughts.