Soccer Stadium Update: Philly, KC & Vancouver

It’s been a while, so we thought we would take a look at the construction progress at a couple of venues around MLS.  We’ll start with PPL Park, where the sod is down and the stadium is two months away from opening.  The Philadelphia Union provide this wonderful time lapse video of the sod installation.  The video condenses three days of installation into about 1:30 of footage.  Meanwhile, the construction cam continues to document the steady progress in Chester as the finishing touches are being applied to the Union’s new stadium.

In Kansas City, construction crews are moving quickly to build the Wizards’ new home.  The Wizards are also offering up a construction cam that includes a neat zoom feature. Kansas and the local county have offered $230 million in incentives to lure Cerner and the Wizards to Kansas. The stadium is set to open in mid-2011, which promises to be quite a year for soccer specfic stadiums in MLS.

In Vancouver, the Whitecaps announced that they will play the first half of their inaugural season in a temporary stadium while BC place (their permanent home) is completed.  The temporary stadium (which is actually quite nice looking) will seat 27,500 and will cost only 14 million to build.  Given the  low cost of the structure, this seems like an outstanding temporary solution.

3 Responses

  1. The Unions time lapse video was really cool to watch.
    Construction cameras have been used by both the Union and the Red Bull. But K.C. is starting their live camera about a year earlier in the making of their stadium. I wonder why that is the case. It’s probably a combination of “Red Bulls and Union did a live feed for their stadiums, we don’t want to look behind the times” and “let our fans know that they won’t have to deal with playing in the leagues worst stadium for that much longer. Let them watch the stadium be build from the grown up and watch our fans enthusiasm grow”.

    It’s funny how a 27k stadium can be built for 14 million but yet New Jersey Red Bulls build a 25k seater for 200 million.
    It’s obvious that their is a massive difference between the that temp stadium meant for a season and the gorgeous Red Bulls Arena.
    I would like to know where the money is spent when building a stadium. That has interested me for years now. Could you possibly try to line up an interview with someone that helps build or design stadiums?
    Stadiums are a huge part of a teams spending so knowing how stadiums are planned and built would be really exciting.

  2. BC place is awful. Paint ain’t gonna fix it. Stay in the temporary stadium.

  3. I’ve heard BC Place is awful from a few people but I’ve also heard that it would be considerably more than just a paint job and the roof becoming retractable. Have you been to an event there (maybe CFL), Gary? What needs to be upgraded? What was your experience?

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