Monday After: Week Two

Light docket in MLS this weekend with only 5 games Th-Sa.  Before we get to those matches, a couple of other quick business points.  First, we gave MatchDay live another chance, but couldn’t see any games in real time.  The only non-nationally televised game was the Revs/United match which was blacked out in the Hartford area (also blacked out on Direct Kick). Thus, we couldn’t try the service this weekend.  However, kudos to MLS for having readily available live chat support during the broadcast.  This made it quite easy to cancel our subscription.

While the game was shown on Comcast Sports Net New England (a channel available in CT), in the Hartford area, CSN gets usurped by Knicks/Rangers games on the Madison Square Garden network. Thus, even though the “info” screen reads MLS: Revolution v. DC United, Comcast switches the feed to the MSG feed.  Thus, no Revs (except on the HD feed).

Attendance wise, it was solid week around the league.  The Thursday night doubleheader started with 18k in Houston for the Dynamo’s 2-1 victory over RSL.  Later than night, just under 20k saw Chivas fall to the Galaxy at the Home Depot Center.  Both games were on ESPN2.  The weekend matches started in Commerce City, CO where 11,600 watched the Rapids and Fire play to a 2-2 draw.  On Saturday night, an impressive 20,600 were on hand for the Revs suprising victory in DC.  Finally, a ho-hum 36k saw a the thrilling Red Bulls/Sounders game.  The DC number was especially impressive and was aided by good weather and the addition of an El Salvadoran midfielder.

Next week will likely be a tougher week for the average, but the openers in Chicago and Philly will hopefully draw well.

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  1. Almost 21k at Memory Stadium? Is that because they are Eastern Conference rivals and it’s opening week? What were the promotions like? Are their more season tickets sold this year? How much of the good attendence can you realistically attribute to Christian Castillo (who doesn’t never played for a big club)? How large is the El Salvadorian population in the area?

    How many people have tried Matchday Live? Is the league shooting for a certain amount of people to subscribe to this (say 40,000 people)? Is the league going to consider allowing people to buy Matchday Live in the season half of the season at a reduced price? Are they going to give another trial period (perhaps for only a week or with a free, predetermined weekly sample game)? How costly is it to maintain MLS Weekly (bandwidth… that’s the correct term, right? Cameras, etc)?
    As a fan that wants to support my countries league, I want to make help make the league profitable. I think MDL sounds like a great deal for a big MLS fan but then again, I’m not going to pay 40 bucks for a product that isn’t working perfectly.

  2. Memory = Memorial Stadium.

  3. Ryan:

    I’m working on getting some answers to your Matchday Live questions.

    With respect to United, I think you got a confluence of perfect weather, a new season, an El Salvadoran winger and no tv availability.

  4. I got Matchday Live but the feed was atrocious. Even at the lowest setting, which was all blurry, the video was jumpy and you can’t watch a soccer game like that. I’ll give it one more week and if it doesn’t improve I’m cancelling.

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