Soccer Business Bits: DP News, Website Issues Detailed & More

Without question, the big soccer business news of the day was the announcement that MLS was drastically revising its Designated Player rule.  Each team is now entitled to retain the services of 2 Designated Players and is afford the opportunity to purchase the right to a third DP spot by paying $250,000 into the league’s coffers. This money will be equally distributed between the teams.  Each designated player will count for $335,000 under the cap and teams can no longer trade for additional DP spots.

What this means for the business of the league is unclear.  Teams that want to spend now have the opportunity to bring additional high priced talent into the league.  With a salary cap hovering near $2.5 million teams opting for three DP’s will have to fill their rest of the rosters using about $1.5 million and a combination of allocation funds, Generation Adidas players and other mechanisms.  The real question is whether teams like the Revs and San Jose will now take the plunge into the DP market.

We have written about the ongoing issues with the new MLS website.  MLS is definitely working to improve the issues and this weekend will mark an important opportunity to fix is MatchDay Live service.  For an in depth look at the web site issues, we recommend this excellent and detailed piece from the Fake Sigi.

Finally, a rare broadcast treat from ESPN with a double-header from the World Wide Leader. ESPN mixed up the broadcast teams a bit with Adrian Healy paired with John Harkes in the first game.  Commercial presenters included Rent-A-Center, 1800 Tequilla, VW and Taco Bell.