Soccer Business Bits: Man U All Stars?, Soccer Photos & More

The Sports Business Journal is reporting that Manchester United may be planning a return to the United States for a four city tour in the Summer.  According to the report, SUM and CAA Sports are working together to bring the famed club to the New World for the first time since 2004.  Proposed stops include Boston, Toronto, Philly and perhaps most importantly for MLS fans, Houston, for the 2010 MLS All-Star game.   CAA is looking to follow-up on its “Summer of Soccer” from 2009 that brought hundreds of thousands out to see top European clubs.  The All Star game is scheduled for Reliant stadium, and thus many expected a Mexican club to be the opponent.  Man U is a much bigger fish.

The SBJ is reporting that many top players for Man U may not be part of the trip,  Which players appear is a heated part of negotiations to bring foreign teams to US soil.  Typicaly, contracts require a certain number of top tier players as part of the traveling show. This is similar to MLB Spring training games where teams are forced to bring a certain number of regulars to away games.

According to this article, GettyImages and MLS have renewed their partnership to make Getty the “exclusive commercial photographic partner” of MLS.  Getty will provide photos from 480 MLS games in 2010.  In addition to league rights, the deal includes service to each of the MLS Clubs.  Thanks to MLS Rumors for the link.

Finally, Steve Goff is reporting that Gol TV will start broadcasting in HD on August 1.  It will be offered as a simulcast with the standard definition broadcast.

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  2. That will be interesting to see if they come back because of the World Cup. I guess there are still some big names in team who won’t be participating in the World Cup. Giggs, Scholes, and Neville being the main three.

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