Broadcast Blogging: A Business Look at the First Kick Broadcast

The 2010 season is here, and we thought we would offer a business blog of the first broadcast.  Fortunately for MLS fans, the lead-in for ESPN2 was a highlight reel of Mike Tyson’s greatest knockouts, ensuring that the broadcast would start on time.  However, the game did go up against the NCAA tourney, including a game involving Washington and thus likely costing some Seattle based eyeballs.  The game was also played in the rain, impacting butts in the seat.

The game was preceded by a pre-game show presented by VW hosted by Stone and Lalas. The pair touched on the CBA agreement, the entry of Philly into MLS and the attendance in Seattle.  Beckham’s injury also featured as did the World Cup, changes in Houston and grass at BMO.  The first set of commercials included national advertisers VW, Red Bull and Bayer followed by local ads.  Second set of commercials included a feature on ESPN’s new announcer, Wendy’s, Dos Equis and Direct Kick.  First commercial from new MLS sponsor Continental Tire…also spots from Dunkin Donuts and Chrysler.

Booth intro does a good job of picking up the crowd noise.  Early camera issues on my television….with a portion of the corner scoreboard gone. I cannot see the corner ads unless I switch to the HD side.    Did I mention that the crowd mics are doing a good job?  Continental Tire sponsored a Harkes bit.  Allen Hopkins made his first appearance in the 7th minute.  First pimp of the Saturday night game in the 11th minute.  In the 15 minute a new ad appeared in the corner but it was too small to read.  Dick’s and Continental Tire get a shout out from the booth in the 35th minute.

Around the stadium, signage from X-Box, Bud, Panasonic, Makita and other is visible.  Halftime commercials include Dos Equis, McDonald’s and a series of local spots.  ESPN announced at half time that they will start their Saturday night game earlier to provide some color from Red Bull Arena.  For some reason, this game is not showing up on my tv menu.  Other half time commercials include VW, State Farm, Chili’s and local ads.

We will leave the blog here.  If something dramatic happens during the broadcast, we will update the post accordingly.