MLS: The Value of Exposure Revisited

Back in January, we discussed MLS’ efforts to mesaure the value of its televsion exposure through various local and national broadcasts.  Through the website, MLS tries to alert media  to the “value” of its presence on various television programs.  Since a couple of months have passed since we last checked in on this metric, we thought providing a snapshot of this “worth” of MLS media exposure.

In Houston, the local Fox affiliate devoted 30 seconds to the Dynamo signing of local product Francisco Navas.   Critical Mention estimates that the broadcast reached 93k households in the Houston area.  The estimated publicity value?  $920.00. The local CBS affiliate did a similar story on the same day but two hours earlier.  The broadcast reached about 30k less people, but the estimated publicity value? $1328.00  While the monetary numbers seem low, more than 150k households saw a story about the local soccer team signing a neighborhood kid.

In Columbus, WBNS (CBS) devoted 45 seconds to the Crew’s 2-2 draw against Toluca in the Champions League as part of its a.m. news. For a tournament that generates limited interest, the people woke up to a stirring comeback and coverage of three goals.   The broadcast (at 5:00 a.m.) reached approximately 70k households for a publicity value of? $2008.00.   Lastly, more than 135k households saw the Denver NBC affiliate provide more than two minutes of coverage of the team’s trip to London   According to critical mention, the spote generated almost $15k in publicity value.

As we said in January, these numbers are both interesting and informative and provide some tangible basis for comparison when looking at the value of exposure in the broadcast media.  This analysis is especially important when sponsors see their names splashed across jersey fronts during highlights or signboards show their brands for prolonged periods of time.  Moreover, given that many of these broadcasts are local, references to franchises (to a partially captive audience) stress the presence of the team to the community and may remind a viewer of the intention to buy a ticket or watch a game.