At A Loss….And Some Real News

What to say?  The eyes of the American soccer fan are focused in only two directions right now:  South Africa (and by extension Amsterdam) and a bargaining table in New York.  The “deadline” for CBA negotiations has come and gone and there is no deal, no strike and no lockout.  What does it all mean?  Everyone has a different opinion.

Some say the players are holding the strike option for the most opportune time, right before the season or mid season.  Others think that the players don’t have the votes or the will to strike, while others think that the threat of a strike can do real harm to the owners because it will slow the ability of teams to sign sponsors.  Regardless, we are now one month from the season and there is no labor agreement and no labor peace…yet the games go on.  We will keep monitoring the situation, but for now….

Some final notes on the PPL/Union deal:  The stadium will run completely on renewable energy, the first MLS stadium to do so.  According to the Philadelphia Daily News, the field’s turf will be Patriot Bermuda grass, a dense, high-performance turfgrass known for its ability to remain lush in extreme conditions.  The paper also reports that more than 10k season tickets have now been sold.

TFC continues to do it right. The Reds are one of the teams participating in the inagural Walt Disney World Pro Soccer Classic.  They are televising the pre-game tournament going on in Orlando providing their fans a glimpse into what the season holds.