Soccer Business Bits: Making of Schedule, KC Marketing & More

Kudos to Kyle McCarthy at for his interview with Mark Abbott and Brad Pursel about the dynamics and challenges involved in creating a schedule for MLS.  This is a fascinating and under-covered topic.  From a business perspective, the most interesting aspect of the interview was Mr. Pursel’s discussion of the three biggest priorities in setting up a schedule: “maximizing attendance, creating a television schedule to maximize ratings and balancing the schedule from a competitive perspective.”  It is telling that business factors are the primarily driver behind the schedule making.

The article also discusses some of the interplay that goes on between the teams once the inital versions of the schedule are circulated.  Teams hope to avoid mid-week dates, tough road trips and this year the world cup break.  In addition, despite the proliferation of soccer specific stadiums, venue availability remains one of the biggests scheduling obstacles.  This is a great article about a fairly secretive process.  For our interview with Mr. Pursel (about the GSL program), click here.

In Kansas City, the Wizards have named Barkley its advertising agency of record.  They will be in charge of social medial planning. marketing strategy and customer relationship strategy.

Finally, this weeks edition of the Sports Business Journal offers an interview with SUM’s new head of the in-house digital business. Eric Krasnoo is the new VP of SUM Digital Marketing.  The interview offers insight into some of SUM’s digital plans for 2010 and beyond.