Soccer Business Bits: More Philly Stadium News, Portland Vote & More

With a new deal announced for PPL Stadium and a stadium opener set for June 27, there is lots of stadium activity in the City of Brotherly Love.  The Philadelphia Inquirier is reporting on additional aspects of stadium and ticket sales.  The team is attempting to sell more than $2 million worth of suites and other business packages.  These include 15 seat, $50,000 a season suites with seats on the 27th row.  The team is also selling 4 seat, $10k tables at field level, 28 $7,500 per seat seats behind the bench and 150 $2k field level seats.

In other stadium news, the Timbers have finally cleared the “last” hurdle needed to move forward with PGE Park renovations in preparation for the 2011 campaign.  The City Council voted to approve the $31 million required to finalize the public/private partnership between the City and owner Merritt Paulson.  At most, the stadium will seat 24,000.

Finally, WPS conducted its dispersal draft following the sudden shuttering of the LA Sol.  Most interestingly, the biggest star in the draft, Brazilian Marta, went third in the draft, in part, because teams feared her high salary.  Taking on Marta’s contract would have put St. Louis over the salary cap.

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  1. The idea of “on-field” seating for ANY sport, let alone soccer is L-A-M-E, and amateurish. Was hoping Philly would come into the league with proper respect for the game. Guess the “X-treme!!!” factor is still contagious among GM’s / FO’s. Looking forward to seeing 4-top high table posts and legs at the top of the screen rather than supporters’ faces!. Leave the excessive sideline “personnel” to the other football.
    Footy marked pitch, 5 yards of touchline, ad boards, cheering fans. Is there anything more needed?

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