The Business of Selling Online: Re-Sale

A couple of weeks ago started our series on the business of selling MLS and WPS merchandise online.  The first post looked at sales through official websites for the leagues and teams.  You can view that post here.  We then took a look at third party sellers of soccer merchandise.  Today, we will take a look at the re-sale market for MLS & WPS merchandise.

We started our search on e-bay and found a fairly eclectic selection of MLS gear.  2010 jerseys were not to be found, but there was an extensive selection of 2009 merchandise, much of it signed.  There was a large selection of Galaxy/Beckham gear and a wide array of Rapids jerseys, while Sounders jerseys were in very short supply. Most items were apparently offered by individuals, but a number of e-bay “sellers” were in the marketplace as well.

WPS merchandise was almost non-existent on e-bay, although there were a smattering of signed items available.  With only one year of history, this is not particularly surprising, but the total absence of items for some teams was startling.

We then went to Craiglist, and searched various cities for soccer merchandise.  There was a fair amount of Dynamo gear available in the Houston area, but almost no Revolution items in Boston.  From town to town, the availability of MLS gear was fairly hit or miss.  However, the prices were generally reasonable.  There was no WPS gear to be found.

Overall, it is apparent that the re-sale market for MLS/WPS gear is pretty limited.  If there are any sites that you recommend, please let us know.