Stadium Update: The Winner is Kansas

We have repeatedly written about the Wizards’ effort to find a permanent stadium home.  After months of negotiations and competition, the Wizards have announced that they will break ground on their new stadium in Kansas.  Kansas and the local county have offered $230 million in incentives to lure Cerner and the Wizards to Kansas.

In September, 2006, On-Goal, LLC purchased the Kansas City Wizards from Hunt Sports Group.  Led by Neal Patterson and Cliff Illig, the purchase brought a local ownership group to MLS and started a new wave of MLS franchise sales that included Houston and DC United.  At the time, Kansas City was playing to small crowds in massive Arrowhead Stadium and was one of three MLS teams in the Hunt stable.  OnGoal brought limited sports expertise to the transaction, but expressed its desire to build a “world class” soccer specific stadium by April, 2009 and a refreshing enthusiasm to the League.

The stadium wasn’t built for April, 2009, but it looks like it will be ready sometime in 2011 (or the start of 2012).  This is great news for the franchise, as the Wizards can now move out of the cozy confines of Community America Ballpark and move into their own home.  Click here for more on the project and on the Wizards’ plans to finalize agreements and start construction.

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“The Curtin Air campaign just didn’t fly with the Nike execs”