Soccer Business Bits: ESPN Coverage, Revs Respond & More

The day of the big World Cup draw has arrived and ESPN has big plans to cover the event with maximum fanfare. ESPN2 will provide three hours of coverage and will include usual suspects Harkes, Lalas and more to break down the action.  It is fairly remarkable that we have reached the stage in American soccer where the World Cup draw rates a three hour presentation. also has fairly extensive coverage of the draw with both text and video stories.

A number of months back, we conducted an interview with Revs COO Brian Bilello about the Revs’ marketing effort.  It’s no surprise that the Revs front office has been taking some heat for their playoff attendance and fan/team relationships. Full credit to Bilello for taking questions and providing detailed responses to fans on the Revs’ official forums.  We recommend checking out this site.

Finally, we are an American soccer blog, but when a team in the EPL can’t pay its players, it is something that bears reference.  Such is the situation in Portsmouth. Salary cap anyone?