Happy Thanksgiving

Just some quick hits on this big travel day and holiday. Check back on Friday for a special shopping version of Footiebusiness.com. We will chronicle one brand’s efforts to penetrate the U.S. soccer shoe market.  For now:

Grant Wahl does a nice job addressing the MLS Players’ Union’s efforts to involve FIFA in the CBA negotiations.

Jersey sponsors can reap big benefits when their teams succeed.  Xango has gotten a big lift from its RSL sponsorship, which originally checked in at $500,000 per season.  Earlier this year, the parties extended the original four year deal through 2013.

Check out this great article about Seattle hosting MLS Cup and some of the business issues raised during the weekend.

Have a great holiday and check back in on Friday.

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  1. Interesting article,
    theres a fair amount of money flowing in MLS

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