The Monday After: MLS Playoff Business Bits

mls cup 2009A great weekend for games in MLS as Los Angeles and RSL went through to the MLS cup final with thrilling wins over Houston and Chicago respectively.  In Los Angeles, just over 25k turned out to see the Galaxy’s 2-0 victory over Houston.  Though just shy of a sell-out, the crowd was lively despite two power outages during the game.  In Chicago, almost 22,000 were at Toyota Park as the home side went down to upstart RSL.  On both broadcasts, the stadium atmospheres looked great and stood in start contrast to the playoff environment at Gillette Stadium in the first round. Check MLSTalk for a review of past playoff attendance.

The MLS world now turns its attention to Seattle, where Qwest Field will play host to MLS Cup.  According to official reports, the original offering of 36k seats has been sold out and an additional 6k seats have been opened up.  While it remains to be seen how many Sounders’ season ticket holders will make the trip (the game was part of their package), it is evident that there is strong interest in the game from many in the Seattle area.  There are also reports that Qwest has only designated 100 seats for each of the Supporters’ groups.  Hopefully, Seattle will find a way to organize the seats so greater numbers of RSL/Galaxy fans can sit together.

Both conference final broadcasts were will done, despite the unfortunate power outage in Carson, CA.  The typical advertisers were present for both ESPN & FSC, including an increased presence from Best Buy.  There was plentiful on screen advertising for both networks as well as presenting sponsors for pre/post game shows. ESPN smartly built a 25 minute buffer into the broadcast by adding a pre-game to absorb some of the likely runover from the preceding college game.

We will of course cover MLS Cup in full this week from a business perspective, including sponsorship, media, attendance and more.If there is something that you want us to address about the game, please shoot an e-mail our way.

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  1. I thought both games were good. The power outages were unfortunate, but it was nice to see that the game wasn’t cut off due to poor scheduling by ESPN. In years past, that game’s broadcast would’ve been cut short to honor the start of another program. I don’t like to see PKs settle any game, especially the finals, but they did add to the excitement of the game.

  2. It is all about greed, the MLB doesn’t want to lose any money near the end of the season. Even if it were only once every four years. Baseball has been reovemd from the Summer Games for 2012 and might be back for 2016 Supposedly the MLB and IOC are working together to come up with a plan to allow our juiced upped sluggers to play. Of course, this is probably just an attempt by the MLB to avoid taking heat for ruining baseball in the Olympics. As the best players from all over the world come here to play, none of them are allowed to play in the Olympics for Team USA or whatever country they come from. So, MLB has done a fantastic job of sucking the talent out of the Olympics. Instead of the best in the world competing, you get a bunch of minor league players, playing against each other. And in turn, nobody is interested in watching minor league ball, even at the Olympics. Personally I hate how greed corrupts everything in our society.

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