Soccer Business Bits: Playoff Promotions, Baltimore Stadiums & More

houstonAll year we have tracked team promotional efforts to bring fans out to the game.  Because of heavy reliance on group sales and season ticket holders, these promotional efforts often continue into the post season. We thought we would continue to follow these promotional efforts for the coming week of games.

Recall that in voting for MLS end of season awards, we gave the Dynamo our second place vote for the team PR award because of their outstanding weekly promotional efforts.  These efforts are continuing in the playoffs as the Dynamo are joining with McDonalds to offer a playoff four pack that that includes, tickets, food and drink for $64.95.  In a somewhat disappointing promotion, Houston is also offering a free playoff ticket to anyone that purchases as least $10 of Nutrament products at a local H-E-B store.  For a franchise that has historically drawn good playoff crowds, such a ticket giveaway seems minor league.In Chicago, the Fire are offering a free T-shirt to the first 5,000 fans, while in LA, the Galaxy are offering $64 four packs for the home leg of their derby playoff.  We haven’t been able to find any evidence that the Crew are offering any promotions for the game.

In Baltimore, the Sun is reporting that the Maryland Stadium Authority is reviewing a $30  million plan to construct a 7,000 seat stadium for Crystal Palace.  According to the story, Crystal Palace hopes to break ground in mid-2010 on a stadium for the minor league side.  The same vote that authorized the Crystal Palace study also allowed a feasibility analysis for 17-20k stadium in Baltimore for DC United. The $125,000 study will be financed by the City of Baltimore and the State of Maryland.

One final note. we have regularly linked to updates of Red Bull Arena.  Construction is proceeding at a rapid pace and the final piece of sod has been put down.  If you haven’t looked already, here is the link to the “Earth Cam” of the stadium. Also, the Red Bulls offer a great feature that provides fans with a 3D look at their prospective seats.