Soccer Business Bits: More TV Ratings, Fight for the Wizards, Playoff Attendance and Scarves

wozardsWe wrote last week about the uptick in MLS attendance on both ESPN2 and Fox Soccer Channel.  Now comes a report that MLS viewership is up almost 90% from October 2008 to October 2009.  Total viewers for the FSC game of the week is just over 51k for the Saturday night match.  Perhaps most importantly, the increased viewership for FSC across all of its shows has allowed the network to add an array of new, higher end ad buys.  While ProActiv won’t be going anywhere anytime soon, higher end adds are an important sign of health for FSC, as they prepare to unveil HD broadcasts in the coming months.

In Kansas, the Wizards’ new stadium plan has news because of the job creation aspect of the deal.  According to this article from the AP, the Cerner-Wizards deal may create 9,000 jobs in Kansas and politicians on both sides of the aisle are eager to make the deal happen.  Kansas and the local county have offered $230 million in incentives to lure Cerner and the Wizards to Kansas.  According to the story, Kansas politicians are concerned that officials in Missouri are working to lure the deal back across the border.

Yesterday, we touched on playoff attendance.  For a more comprehensive look at post season attendance, click on this chart from Major League Soccer Talk.

Finally, Ruffneck Scarves has announced a furtherance of its partnership with MLS and its clubs.  According to this press release, Ruffneck will produce five unique scarves for each team.