Soccer Business Bits: Quick Hits

rslWith a big set of MLS action coming up, we thought we would provide you with some MLS business news in advance of the weekend.

With all the debate over the financial viability of soccer stadiums (any stadium really), the fighting usually ceases once the building is up.  As a result, the “success” of the project is typically ignored.  Check out this piece in the Salt Lake Tribune about Rio Tinto’s financial impact.  Most importantly, revenue for RSL is up over 40% from its time at Rice Eccles Stadium.

Speaking of stadiums, grass is down in Red Bull Arena.  Click here for an interior camera.

Speaking of grass, it appears that it is confirmed that TFC will be playing on the natural stuff next season. Apparently in Canada, spelling is a bit different.

Speaking of different, one wonders how AC Milan will prosecute this absurd claim.

Finally, solid attendance on a chilly night in SLC for a big win for the home side.  More than 16k on a Wednesday night is a great number.

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  1. AC Millan lost credibility with the Beckham business and this just shows they are in their own world.

  2. (Your Salt Lake Tribune and AC Milan links are broken.)

  3. […] and even contemplated relocating. Soccer specific stadiums are very important to the long term viability of most franchises, as they allow the teams to control all the revenue coming in and a sense of permanence that is […]

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