DC United Lawsuit: An Update

unitedWe wrote a few weeks back about the lawsuit brought against DC United by two gentlemen seeking a commission from the introduction of VW as a sponsor.  While the lawsuit contained some interesting business tidbits about the business of MLS, the real action in the lawsuit is now just starting.  A copy of the Complaint was served upon Michael Williamson, the CFO of Macfarlane Chang DC Soccer on September 14 by a private process server.

The DC based lawfirm of Arent Fox LLP has appeared on behalf of DC United and filed an Answer to the Complaint.  In addition to the Answer, they have filed a number of “Affirmative Defenses” which are claims that the defense can prove to defeat the case (the plaintiff bears the burden of proving its case, but defendant can affirmatively defeat certain claims by proving these defenses.  In this case, many of the Affirmative Defenses are simply standard and will likely have little impact on the case.

In addition, the Court (Huvelle, J.) has orderd the parties to attend a scheduling conference on October 30.  At that time an order will enter setting the deadlines for depositions, written discovery and motions practice.  At that time, we will know more about the timeline for the case.  We will continue to monitor the litigation and keep you posted.