Business Bits: A Quick Look

galaxyDue to some unfortunate personal scheduling quirks over the next few days, posts will be a bit irregular for a short while.  We do however, recommend that you check out some of the following:

Pitch Invasion has been runing a great series through the pen of former Fire GM Peter Wilt.  There are some great business bits here about building a team and sustaining excellence in the salary cap world of MLS.

We have written about Red Bull Arena, a great deal over the last few months.   The always top notch duNord has a link to a photo journal about season ticket selection inside the not yet completed Red Bull Arena.

We are typically a US-centric site, but this story from England has some significant soccer business impact.   The Chief Executive says he will keep fighting the good fight, but it is fairly remarkable that an EPL side has no money and can’t afford to pay its players.

ESPN2 returns to the MLS broadcast fold this weekend with the Beckham/Blanco tilt at the Home Depot on Friday night.  On Saturday, FSC gets the worst game of the weekend when the Quakes host the Red Bulls.

As always, for an intelligent look at sports and law, we recommend Connecticut Sports Law.