Soccer Business Bits: TFC Recognized, Youth Soccer Initiative and More

tfcWe’ve heard reports of a season ticket waiting list 17k strong.  We’ve heard rumors that BMO Field will be a grass surface in 2010.  Now comes a report that TFC has been named the 2009 “Brand of the Year”  by Canadian Business Magazine “Strategy”The magazine cites TFC’s marketing efforts, brand awareness and fan experience. The award is an important recognition of TFC’s strong marketing effort.  For more on “Strategy” and to read the article, click here.

In Philadelphia, the Union have announced a partnership with youth program with YSC Academy.   The arrangement creates a four stage junior academy that starts at age 8 and hopefully brings players up through the Union system into the senior team.  Importantly, the Team will afford players from underprivileged areas the opportunity to participate.  These are the types of programs that will enable MLS to improve domestic talent while increasing its profile in the various communities.  The League has been undergoing a substantial effort to improve its youth programs by the creation of various academies.

One final note; the CBA is coming up on its date of expiration and negotations between the League and Players’  Union are continuing.  We will be covering the story in depth as negotiations move forward, but for now, we recommend the recent piece in Major League Soccer Talk as a Primer.

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  1. It is great to see a team getting involved in local youth soccer. Now if only MLS would have real rules for letting teams sign these players.

  2. This is way more helpful than annhyitg else I’ve looked at.

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