Soccer Business Bits: MLS Ratings, Fireworks at Foxboro & More

soccertvAccording to this note from Sports Media Watch, MLS ratings on ESPN Deportes are up over 65% in 2009.  These numbers add approximately 70,000 to the 300,000 that tune in to the average MLS match on ESPN2.  While these numbers are respectable, there is still plenty of room for growth.  Ratings on ESPN2 have been relatively flat over the years despite the addition of David Beckham.  However, there is a ressonable argument that the addition of teams in Portland and Philadelphia over the next two years will further increase ratings, as fans in those cities will make MLS appointment viewing.

Taking a quick look at the games in MLS weekend, the Revs are sponsoring a fireworks night after their Saturday evening match against Kansas City.  For an additional $15, the Revs are also offering a “VIP” Firework experience that includes free ice cream and the opportunity to watch the fireworks with members of the team.

Finally (and somewhat disappointingly), tickets remain available for the Saturday night qualifier at Rio Tinto.  The USSF selected Salt Lake City in part to avoid populating the stadium with crowds favoring the visitors.  That goal may have been accomplished, but as of today, the game has not sold out.  For some reason, qualifiers have not caught the fancy of the American public at large, despite the growing interest in the USMNT.  However, it is still surprising that the soccer fans of the Salt Lake City area have been unable to fill the stadium.  While a sell-out is likely by game time, it is remarkable that the game has not yet sold out.

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  1. Here are the prices for the available seats
    Center circle $300, club patio $225, VIP midfield $125, front row $115, midfield $85, sideline $62.
    The worst tickets are 38 dollars but those sold out.

    The game starts an hour and eleven minutes after #20 BYU takes on #3 Oklahoma (at Norman). If BYU upsets Oklahoma then their is a good chance BYU will get a BCSFrom what I’ve heard the the qualifier was scheduled before the game so it isn’t the fault of the USSF for scheduling conflicts.

  2. I accidentally posted before I meant to so I will fix the last paragraph.
    If Oklahoma is upset by BYU then their is a good chance they will end up in a BCS Bowl game because they start the season 20th ranked and play in a weak conference so BYU could go undefeated. This is one of the biggest college football games for the state of Utah in years.
    A lot of people will be at home watching the game on ESPN.

    If the prices for WCQ games were lowered you would see attendance increase considerably.

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