Soccer Business Bits: Wizards and Royals, Fire Promotions and More

wozardsQuick glance around MLS weekend promotions with another full slate of games on the calendar.  In Kansas City, the Wizards are hosting RSL at Community America Ballpark on Saturday.  In a promotion for the match, the Wizards are offering a “Family Four Pack” which includes 4 tickets, 4 dogs, 4 pretzels, a stadium blanket and more. The tickets range from $81-$109 for a family of four and are available for a number of remaining games.

Speaking of the Wizards, the team recently conducted a player exchange with the Kansas City Royals.  As part of the event, the soccer players took batting practice and the baseball players took penalties. This is part of an ongoing cross promotional effort between the teams.  For $30 fans can buy a ticket to a Wizards game and Royals game and receive team merchandise from both squads.  These cross promotional efforts are important, as there is an opportunity to put the Wizards’ product before a new audience of baseball fans.

As part of their effort to connect with “hard care” fans, the Fire have been promoting their “Party Deck”.  Single game tickets for the party deck include all you can eat, 4 beers, unlimited non-alcoholic drinks and more until the 20th minute.  There is also music, Miller Lite Girls and More.  Tickets start at $45 per game.

Finally, in Colorado, the Rapids are promoting their Sunday game with an offer of a free soccer ball for the first 2,000 kids thorough the door.  It is somewhat surprising that more teams don’t use these type of giveaways more often.   As a kid, I collected all sorts of items from MLB stadiums, and as as result, was carrying around team paraphernalia and promoting the brand.  However, we track most MLS team promotions, and few examples of these types of giveaways are apparent.  They do happen, and some teams use them more than others, yet these are fairly inexpensive promotions that can spread MLS gear around the country.

One last note:  On August 18, we posted about an MLS/Makita cross promotion that involved tickets to an “away” MLS match.  We also commented on the seeming lack of travel arrangments as part of the deal.  MLS has reached out and explained that travel arrangements are indeed included.  Apparently, a link on the contest web page connected to the wrong set of rules for a different contest.  The updated rules are here.