Soccer Business Bits: Defer to the Nats

tv soccerWe know that the soccer world’s attention is focused on the aftermath of USA/Mexico, so we will defer from any business posts today.  We will return tomorrow with Part IV of our soccer fans series.  Until then, take a look at this nice attendance break down courtesy of MLS Daily. Also take a look at the excellent USA/Mexico breakdown by MatchFit USA.

One other note.  Since we covered the Mun2 broadcast issue fairly heavily (see our interview with Mun2 executive Kevin Dugan), here are our quick thoughts on the broadcast.  The frequent break-ins to promote the network were fairly annoying (but not unexpected).  I was surprised that all of the commercials were in Spanish because the network is intended to attract English speakers.  The commentary was fine and overall picture and sound were of reasonable quality.  I was very impressed with the ESPN pre-game live from Azteca.  Amazing that ESPN went to Mexico while Mun2 did not.