Soccer Business Bits: Deals??, Stadiums and More

red-bulls1On the eve of the US/Mexico showdown, we thought we would keep our sites on the upcoming MLS weekend and some of the marketing efforts teams are employing to bring fans to the gate.  In New York, the Red Bulls are offering a contest for round trip airfare and game tickets for the upcoming Red Bulls/Chivas USA match at the Home Depot Center.  Offered through MLS partner American Airlines, the trip seems designed to bring fans to the website.  Remarkably (and embarassingly), the trip does not include ground transportation, food and hotel accomodations.  This “deal” is pretty disappointing. Why would the Red Bulls send two fans off to Los Angeles and leave them to fend for themselves?  This is cheap for the sake of cheap and very disappointing.

In more positive Red Bull news, the first section of stadium roof has gone up.  Click here for the webcam of the stadium construction.  The progress in New York is far ahead of construction in Philadelphia.  Given that the buildings are intended to open at the same time next year, this is some cause for concern.  There has already been talk that the Union will start the season with a long road trip.  With vagaries of winter weather, construction delays and more, it will be a real struggle to open in Chester in time for 2010 first kick.

Finally, a bit of MLS/USMNT combination news.  In Salt Lake City, Real has announced plans for the sale of tickets for the World Cup Qualifier at Rio Tinto. The team offered a pre-sale for RSL season ticket holders and now seats are available to the public.  There are also offers for VIP packages and more.