Soccer Business Bits: The Method to Our Madness,

ee1ed3af089323c6.jpgRyan asked a good question yesterday about our methodology for collecting information for the ongoing series about MLS attendance.   In fairness, our methods have not been scientific.  We have simply collected anecdotes from hundreds of friends, coworkers, fans, familes, store owners and acquaintainces. We have asked these questions at soccer matches of all levels, dinner parties, social gatherings and board meetings.  We have been asking these questions since February with an eye towards seeking out trends about MLS fandom and what brings people to Major League Soccer League stadiums.  Tommorrow, we will take a look at familes and what they want from the MLS experience.  We welcome your input and thoughts and follow-up questions for our interviewees.

From elsewhere around the League, here are some marketing and fan out reach efforts.  FC Dallas (fresh off the sale of Kenny Cooper) is promoting its Thursday night inter-state clash with Houston by offering $1 dollar hot dogs, beers and margaritas as part of a pre-game happy hour at PHP.  They are also offering their 4 tickets, 4 pizzas and 4 sodas for $79 Family Four pack. Dallas has really struggled this year to bring people to the park, and these are good deals to bring people out to the game.  Of course, putting them on the website is likely preaching to the choir.  Is the team advertising these offers in the Dallas area?

It  also appears that “meet the team” time is on the horizon for at least two franchises.  In Salt Lake City, the annual season ticket holder meet the team event is on tap for August 11 at Snowbird.  The event offers 3 hours with the whole team and includes free food, games and more.  In New England, the Revs will be holding their event for the first time on the field at Gillette stadium.  The event will not include free food, but does require each fan to sign a waiver!